Musician, Teacher, Scholar

To hire Dr. Whitcomb for a performance

Dr. Whitcomb's standard rate is $400 per performance, plus travel and expenses. This rate may be negotiable if the engagement offer is highly appealing (for example, if there will be a large number of people in attendance). Request below.

Concerto performances with orchestra

For the current season, please choose from the following list:

Bach, C.P.E.: Concerto in A Major
Brahms: Double Concerto
Boccherini: Concerto in B-flat Major
Haydn: Concerto in C Major
Haydn: Concerto in D Major
Martinu: Concertino
Saint-Saëns: Concerto in A Minor
Schumann: Concerto in A Minor
Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations
Elgar: Concerto in E Minor
Vivaldi: Any concerto

For solo or chamber music recitals, any selection from Dr. Whitcomb's list of repertoire will be approved. A request that is not on this list may be approved or declined, at Dr. Whitcomb's discretion.

Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb performing in the foreground with dancers in the background

Performance Request

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